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Bold as Love party in Jimi Hendrix’s flat (Handel & Hendrix in London)

Date : February 14, 2020
Location : Handel & Hendrix in London

Featureting : The Meyer Dancers

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J’ai parcouru l’Inde en solo (en backpacker comme on dit) en Janvier 2018.
J’y ai découvert les villes de Rishikesh, New Delhi, Pushkar, Jaipur, Varanasi, le nord de Goa et Mahabalipuram.
Voici un film et des photos de cette expérience.

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Cabo Verde

Here’s a holiday video I shot in February 2017 in Cape Verde.

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Korova Mimes (2015)

This is a student film I made in 2015, in my second year inside the ENS Louis Lumière. More of a technical exercise than a short film, we were all given a technical limitation, and a day to shoot it. Mine was to shoot everything with a wide angle lens. I was given a 16mm prime with a classic (Super-35) Arri Alexa. In those years I was obsessed with my personal 11mm lens, so 16mm ended feeling a bit tight.
For what it’s worth, here the little project :

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Makaton (2014)

Documentary I shot in June 2014.

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Pulsions (2014)

Short film I directed in one day during my first year at the ENS Louis Lumière film school in Paris.

Shot on April 9th, 2014.

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La Charmeuse de serpents (2013)

I did this animated short film on Photoshop, After Effects and Lightroom in late 2013.
Sound design by Adrien Soulier
Music by Lucas Pizzini